About SON-RISE Document Solutions

I was hired in the copier industry in 1977 to make deliveries and help the sales staff. Soon, I became interested in the technical aspect of the business and educated myself to become a technician. After moving my way up to the Service Manager position, eventually I went into sales and was promoted to Sales Manager. In my heart, my dream was to start my own business where my employees and customers would be treated the way I was taught to treat people.

My father, a World War II Army Sergeant and POW, fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was wounded, captured and survived some extremely difficult situations. It was through this experience and many others that he taught me determination, tenacity and the importance of hard work. He instilled in me the work ethic to do a job the right way or not do it at all. Besides my father’s influence my mother had a hand in my success also. She taught me the importance of faith, honesty and the value of a human soul.

In 1984, at the age of 24, I started SON-RISE Document Solutions in my home. My wonderful mother in law was hired as the office manager while I pounded the pavement all day doing cold calls. Little by little, my customer base grew. I would service their existing equipment, deliver supplies and eventually sell them new equipment. Within two years I moved SON-RISE out of my home to a new, larger location and began hiring more employees. My dream was coming true. After another five years, SON-RISE would move again into a much larger facility. It was apparent that our customers were happy with our “Good Old Fashioned Sales and Service” and our growing staff of amazing people.

From the days of the correcting typewriters, word processors, analog copiers and thermo fax machines, we sure have come a long way. Digital technology now connects the office together with software, printers and multi-functional devices. SON-RISE Document Solutions stays ahead of the curve by bringing our customers proven solutions which will keep their offices running in a cost efficient, productive manner.

If you are considering trusting SON-RISE with providing your office with the right solution, I promise you will not have any regrets. We will earn every dollar you spend with us.

David W. Taluba